Established for over thirty years, Morley Senior High School,  is one of Western Australia’s premier senior high schools. The environment of Morley Senior High School is designed to encourage all students to realise their  full potential in academic and vocational pursuits while emphasising social development and sporting activities. Our School prides itself on providing a caring environment which caters for each person in the school community as an individual. Parents and guardians are encouraged to participate in all facets of their child’s education.

The School’s Administrative team is led by the Principal, Gay Fortune. B.SC. (Curtin) M.ED. Admin (Deakin). The Principal has had an extensive career in education. These experiences are the base employed to guide the students,  professional teaching staff, auxiliary staff and health professionals, in striving towards excellence in their work. Morley Senior High School’s achievements are well documented and continue to be an integral part of the school’s philosophy.

  Morley Senior High School’s administrative team includes

Two Deputies, Graham Connor B.A. Post Grad. Dip. Sc Ed., M.R.A.C.I. (Curriculum) and Mr James O'Kane are each responsible for a student cohort  from Year 7  through to Year 12. Mr O'Kane is responsible for years 7, 8 and 9 with Mr Connor being responsible for years 10, 11 & 12.  Pat Hughes, School Psychologist is responsible for individual student welfare and well being.  The School’s Registrar  is responsible for the  finances. The Administrative team is responsible for the professional delivery of educational programmes, curriculum standards and the effective and efficient functioning of the whole school.

The Administrative Team monitors all of the following areas:

+ Homework Policy                       + Rights & Responsibilities              + Behaviour Management
+ Code of Dress                           + Anti-Bullying Policy (BEE)              + Drug Policy
+ Good Standing Policy & Procedures.

The Administrative Team’s ethos is to be available to meet with students, parents and guardians on any matter they wish to discuss regarding a student’s well being and welfare at Morley Senior High School.

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